Shol Mach | Cut & Cleaned

Rs. 175 INR
  • Fully Washed & Cleaned
  • NO Cutting Problem
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Quality & Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Get the Freedom of Choosing your Desired Cuts


Shol is one of the popular best-selling fishes in Kolkata. Buy Shol Online From Indiabuyo. The fish processing starts by washing the fish properly with clean sanitized water and cleaning the guts and scales from the fish. The product is washed again to remove the spills and blood and then put into a container ready to dispatch fresh to the respective customer. Each fish gets a custom cut based on the preference of the customers selected while placing the order. Shol is one of the best fish that you can buy online in Kolkata.

The actual weight of the product may vary between 5% -10% fewer than that of the Gross Weight.

Shol Online

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